The band, U.S, is a rock band whose main mission is keeping rock music alive and well in the southeast. A good bit of this Birmingham party band's set is rock from the 80’s but don’t let that fool you, just when you think you’ve got them pegged they’ll kick off with a country standard song, transition into 70's then to 90's rock and dance and may shock the audience with a Hip Hop tune! They entertain and interact with the crowds constantly and keep them involved. These fellows know how to show a crowd a good time. They deliver every show like it's the first one they've ever done or the last one they'll ever do. U.S Band has been burning up the highways for a long time and when you talk to Kelly Nagy, the vocalist, you get the feeling that he hasn't lost an ounce of enthusiasm since they started. You can tell they enjoy what they do. Kelly, Jeff Mann's (guitar), Richie Wright (drums) and Corey Lessard (bass) always spend a lot of time visiting with people and taking pictures between sets. They are very friendly and appreciative of all their fans and their fans seem to feel the same way. Some people travel long distances to see this band. Their elaborate stage setup is something that has to be experienced, there are giant video monitors, fog and tons of lights.

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